The 2019 Raffle is CLOSED.

Thank you for supporting our Education Program!

Here are our winners…

• Bruce W. of Moraga, CA
• Barbara & Paul E. of San Francisco, CA
• Cindy B. of Mendocino, CA
• Charlene M. of Little River, CA
• Linda S. of Mendocino, CA
• Karen N. of Palo Alto, CA
• Judy C. of Mendocino, CA
• Merrilee L. of Bend, OR

Your raffle purchase sponsors student exploration through our outdoor education program:

  • Students learn our Mendocino Coast history in the place where it happened.
  • Children explore the adaptations of marine mammals, while watching whales swim by.
  • Our instructors share the relationship between the people and the land.
  • Entire classrooms hear the stories of the Pomo people, while using their tools.

Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park offers one of the best outdoor education programs on the North Coast. Every raffle ticket purchase enables our instructors to share the natural and cultural history of Point Cabrillo with students from schools throughout Mendocino County and beyond. Support students mapping tide pools, watching whales, discovering birds, restoring habitats, and exploring how the Pomo people lived. With your help, students will develop an understanding of the need to preserve history and protect the environment, all while having fun outdoors.

Help provide an award-winning education program free of charge. We offer this program at no cost to every school that wants to visit and become inspired. Point Cabrillo’s trained teachers lead the field trips and hands-on activities. Every raffle ticket dollar goes directly into the Education Program. When you buy an Education Raffle ticket, students and teachers get a field trip and YOU might just win an irresistible prize listed on the flip side of this page.

When you buy a ticket, you help us inspire a child. On behalf of all who love learning at Point Cabrillo Light Station, we thank you.

Tanya Smart
President, Point Cabrillo Lightkeepers Association

2019 PCLK Education Raffle

Ticket Prices:

1 ticket for $10 • 10 tickets for $50
25 tickets for $100 • 50 tickets for $200

2019 Grand Prize

One five-night (Sunday-Thursday consecutive, non-holiday) stay for up to 8
at the Head Lightkeeper’s House at Point Cabrillo Light Station.

First Prize

One three-night (weekday consecutive, non-holiday) stay for up to 6
at the Second Assistant Lightkeeper’s House at
Point Cabrillo Light Station.

Second Prize

One three-night (weekday consecutive, non-holiday) stay for 2
in one of the cottages at Point Cabrillo Light Station.

More Fabulous Prizes

Tickets to Mendocino Theatre Company Productions
Tickets to the 2020 Mendocino Crab, Wine and Beer Days Cioppino Dinner

Drawing and notifications will take place April 15, 2019.

We are grateful to Mendocino Theatre Company and
Mendocino Coast Clinics for the prizes.