Ford House Visitor Center and Museum

Tucked away on the south side of Main Street in the village of Mendocino is the Ford House Visitor Center and Museum. The name comes from one of the founding fathers of Mendocino, Jerome B. Ford. Jerome was the fellow who realized the great potential of logging on the Mendocino Coast, and set up the first mill with partners Smith, Williams and Meiggs. Ford became superintendent of the first sawmill in Mendocino, and he and his wife Martha moved into this home in 1854, when Mendocino was just in its beginning stages.

These days, the Ford House operates as the Visitor Center for the village of Mendocino, with loads of information on all things Mendocino Coast. Inside those historic walls, you’ll find excellent seasonal exhibits, a small gift shop, and docents ready to share stories and information.

There is no entry fee, but a $2 donation per person at the door is always encouraged!

The Ford House is operated by MendoParks, a non-profit dedicated to keeping State Parks along the Mendocino Coast thriving. Donations to MendoParks are donations to our beautiful open spaces!

Visit the Ford House Museum

Ford House Visitor Center & Museum
45035 Main Street
Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 937-5397