Sea Glass Museum

For years, one of the biggest draws of the Mendocino Coast has been Glass Beach in northern Fort Bragg. Why this unique feature? Glass Beach was originally Fort Bragg’s town dump! From the late 1800s and into the mid 1900s, the townspeople of Fort Bragg used this beach as their personal dumping ground. The glass that was dumped here year after year was broken up and naturally rolled and smoothed by the waves and tides of our coastline, creating glass pebbles that line the beach now.

The International Sea Glass Museum was started in January of 2009, and quickly became a popular Fort Bragg museum. Their exhibits go through all sorts of beautiful things that have ended up on Mendocino shores – and they have a wonderful gift shop to peruse, as well!

Visit the Sea Glass Museum

International Sea Glass Museum
303 North Main St., Ste F
Fort Bragg, Ca 95437
(707) 357-1585