Looking Back on the Year 2014

West House #5Dear PCLK Volunteers, Friends and Supporters,

As we hang our 2015 calendars, it seems appropriate to reflect and ponder on the past 12 months. Each year brings both trials and triumphs at Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park but 2014 seemed to be one for the record books. Together, we overcame challenges and celebrated victories. Each accomplishment was made possible by you, our amazing volunteers, friends and supporters.

A year ago, we were consumed with the news that the Coast Guard was considering decommissioning our beloved 3rd Order Fresnel Lens. A flurry of letters, e-mails, phone calls and consultations with lawmakers was enacted to urge the Coast Guard to allow us to continue to operate the Lens as a Private Aid to Navigation once they decommissioned it. Today, we rest easy in the knowledge that the Coast Guard decided to continue the partnership with the PCLK as is and that the Lens will remain a Federal Aid to Navigation.

Last summer we replaced the fences in front of the Lightkeeper’s Houses and the roof on the Second Assistant Lightkeeper’s House. Volunteers are still trying to get red paint out of their clothes after painting shingles at Steve and Kath’s house. It was an amazing effort and the results have been spectacular. Replacing those fences with period Queen Anne pickets with their fresh white paint has been so transformative to the Station that it is hard to remember what it looked like before.

A flurry of activity, mostly on the part of Steve and Kath, enabled us to add the newly red-roofed Second Assistant Lightkeeper’s Home to the vacation rental offerings that go to support all expenses at Point Cabrillo Light Station. Bookings have been healthy from the first weekend the house was open.

Our day to day accomplishments continued throughout the year. Retail Volunteers kept the Lighthouse and museums open 365 days and illuminated the natural and cultural history of Point Cabrillo for an estimated 34,000 visitors. Our Education Program staff met school busses full of eager learners who each took away a personal connection to this place. Marine Science volunteers and staff kept the aquarium and its residents healthy. We had a successful Whale Festival. We led lens tours and held concerts. We led tour groups on walks and talks. We had parties to celebrate our volunteers, and the lens. We do this every year to the point it may seem routine but each activity takes volunteers and supporters to make it happen.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank you for all the work you did this past year. Whether you are new to our organization or a volunteer with thousands of hours, please know that no accomplishment happens without you.

Tanya Smart, President
Point Cabrillo Lightkeepers Association