Steve Nilson, Director and Site Manager

Steve NilsonDirector and Site Manager

Steve Nilson began volunteering with Point Cabrillo in 2005 as a member of U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 87, taking care of the historic 3rd order lens. He soon became a PCLK volunteer, managing to this day the collection of visitor donations during Whale Festivals, a major source of revenue for the education program. Joining the board in 2007 and assuming the presidency in 2009, Steve oversaw the organization’s transition to profitability. In addition to PCLK board duties, he is the Site /Office Manager for the organization.

Steve graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1973 with a BSEE, going on to a 32 year career as a product designer and project manager in telecommunications switching and test systems. He holds one individual patent, and contributed to several product patents in the industry. He has been intimately involved in hardware, software, and systems development. When not at Point Cabrillo, he enjoys volunteering for the Fort Bragg Operations Group of The Marine Mammal Center rescuing stranded animals. Steve’s other hobbies include woodworking and ceramics.